The diversity of Bay Area real estate boasts unique properties, locations and prices. To narrow your focus and tune-in to your sole real estate wants and needs, your Zephyr agent will provide you with options across the spectrum from mainstream properties to alternative possibilities in order to showcase everything the Bay Area has to offer you. Here are some unique tips to finding the best home for you:

  • Explore an improving neighborhood. Bay Area neighborhoods have evolved over the years, many going from shabby to chic and tired to thriving. Changes in city planning, transportation and construction are all factors in transforming neighborhoods. Gaining an early entry into an improving neighborhood can offer unparalleled rewards.
  • Find a cosmetic fixer. First impressions are important, which is why many buyers shy away from cosmetically unattractive properties. We can quickly assess if your dream property is hiding just beyond simple and inexpensive enhancements like repainting, removing carpets to reveal hardwoods, or replacing dated hardware with something new.
  • Take on a home with a ‘major’ defect. Disadvantaged properties are less likely to receive multiple offers or bids over the asking price. If repairs and related costs are within your reach, and you are willing to commit to a renovation project, this type of property may be a great option.
  • Consider a tenancy-in-common. Unique tenancies-in-common ownership and financing rules could open up a door to buying options you never knew existed. In buildings of three or more units, selling prices tend to be less than comparable condominiums. For eligible TIC buildings, converting to condos may provide significant advantages to owners who make the transition. TICs can be more difficult to sell than condominiums, but offer potential to get more for your money in the Bay Area.